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A Hollywood remake of The Trap?

After Berlin and the Balkans

01 June, 2007 - filmhu
A Hollywood remake of The Trap?
Of the films made at Új Budapest Film Studio, producer László Kántor is managing the afterlife of the Serbian–German–Hungarian co-production The Trap after its screening at the Berlinale.

The Trap
conquers the Balkans

The Trap was screened in front of a packed auditorium in Berlin, and recieved very positive write-ups from The Hollywood Reporter and The Variety, says László Kántor. He also informs us that two Los Angeles agencies have inquired of the remake rights of the film that received 8.7 points from IMDb. The producer is in talks with Focus Feature about the American distribution, while Universal has sent three scripts to Srdan Golubovicnak, director of The Trap.

Actors in th leading role: Natasa Ninkovic, Nebojsa Glogovac and the director Srdan Golubovic

The film featured at last week's film festival in Belgrade, and ”19,000 people saw The Trap in the first week with eight copies in the cinemas.” The Trap has already received numerous festival invitations, the next one being in Sofia, while in Hungary we can expect to see it at the Titanic Festival.

Two film plans received support at the Berlinale Co-production Market: Lost Person Area, mentioned earlier, and The Woman with Broken Nose, to be directed by Srdan Koljevic, one of the scriptwriters of The Trap. The former project, with Flemish first-time director Caroline Strubbe in the director's seat, is still waiting for further Eurimage money applied for earlier. The film follows middle aged Mattie trying to restart her life in a small Spanish town, and young Johanna, revealing the way they struggle with shared tragic episodes in their past.

Mancs and Jihad

A family film about the life of rescue dog Mancs might interest Hungarian audiences the most. The production is mainly in Hungarian hands, but there are contributions from Germany, Austria, and Turkey. In contrast to earlier reports the Swiss partner has left the production, and TV2 replaced RTL as the Hungarian supporter.

Meanwhile the director has also been changed: Péter Bergendy was succeeded by Róbert Pejó, maker of Dallas Pashamende. This is mainly the result of dramaturgical and co-producing reasons caused by the changing plans, as the new director is better known among European film financiers. Róbert Pejó has recently finished the 1.6-million-euro Mordshunger in Cologne, based on a work by Frank Schätzing; another one of his works is awaiting adaptation in Hollywood...

Mancs has a 490-million-forint budget and shooting is planned to start in late August or early September.

Jihad view

Jihad view

Jihad, Terrorism or Freedom Struggle? is a documentary aiming to uncover the background to Islamic terrorism. The 250.000-euro film is directed by Tibor Péter Banai who has returned recently from shooting in Afghanistan. The crew had already recorded footage in Lebanon and Egypt, and they are planning on working in different locations for another year, including Pakistan, Israel, Iraq, Iran, and other countries in the Far East with Islamic culture. The makers wish to fill the gap we might perceive because of sketchy or incomplete news reports by talking to those affected on location.