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Laokoon in development on Kills on Wheels

10 October, 2012 - filmhu
Laokoon in development on Kills on Wheels

Director and screenwriter Attila Till is completing the development phase of Kills on Wheels, the story of a wheelchair-bound gang of assassins. Judit Stalter is producing through Laokoon Film ( with the Danish company BeoFilm coproducing.

Kills on Wheels (Tiszta szívvel) is the story of a 20-year-old boy in wheelchair rejected by his father and scared of becoming useless. He and a friend, an ex-fireman friend, together offer their services to the underworld.

Imre Juhász is the DOP and Szabolcs Thuróczy is the main actor. Judit Stalter told FNE that from a budget of 1,503,509 EUR, 295,000 EUR is already in place.

The project has received backing by the Hungarian National Film Fund ( and Nipkow Programm (, and will participate at Connecting Cottbus (, 8-9 November 2012).

A 36-day shoot is planned for late summer 2013. The producer wants to have the film finished in March 2014. The premiere is set for May 2014.