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New Rental Fee Structure for Location Shoots in Hungary

04 February, 2013 - filmhu

National Film Fund announced a new regulations and rental fees for location filming which went into effect as of 1 January 2013. The fee system covers location fees, fees for crews and technical support, and crew parking. The public areas covered include UNESCO and high tourist areas, historical Budapest, outer Budapest, tourist towns and pedestrian areas, and other areas of Hungary.

Fees range from a high of 2,000 HUF per square meter per day in UNESCO areas to a low of 200 HUF in rural Hungary for filming locations. The new system has unified the rental system with the goal of simplifying the planning for productions filming in Hungary.  

Applications for location filming must be sent to the local Bureaus (Kormányhivatal) and the institutions make the contract as well. The decision has to be made within 5 days, but the process can be longer due to the negotiations with municipalities (by the Bureaus, not the production). In the near future, the law will also cover monuments and other outdoor locations.