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Minds Eye Entertainment


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animation, commercial, feature film, tv production


Established in 1986, Minds Eye Entertainment is now one of Canada's most prolific independent production and distribution companies, internationally recognized for its commitment to distinctive film and television product.
The company had its start producing corporate video projects, and owned the first Betacam SP editing suite and Betacam SP camera package in Saskatchewan.
The partners soon wanted to branch out into something more challenging, and tried their hand at drama.
With no provincial film agency, they got their start through a joint venture program between the National Film Board of Canada and the provincial government and produced their first half-hour drama called The Great Electrical Revolution in February 1989.
From there, the list of film and television productions has grown enormously. Enlisting top talent and participating in international co-production partnerships in the United States and worldwide, Minds Eye Entertainment has produced over 40 television movies and feature films.


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work with persons

Attila Szász - screenwriter  (1)
Dalma Hidasi - producer  (1)
Ginge Anvik - music  (1)
Igor A. Nola - producer  (1)
Kevin DeWalt - producer  (1)
László Hargittai - editor  (1)
Silje Hopland Eik - producer  (1)
Tamás Keményffy - director of photography  (1)


drama thriller
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Regina, Saskatchewan
S4N 6E3 Henderson Drive 480.
tel. 001-306-359-7618
fax 001-306-359-3466