Run To Ground

feature 96 min, 35 mm
drama , thriller Color Hungarian


director Zsombor Dyga
  screenwriter Balázs Lovas
  producer Péter Miklós Tóth
  co-producer Neil Arksey
  director of photography Gábor Marosi
  editor Judit Czakó
  music The Uptown Felaz
  set designer Balázs Hujber
  costume designer Eszter Salamon
  production manager Krisztina Bene
  assistant director László Kádár
  second assistant director Bednárik László Samu
  casting Bálint Mattyasovszky
  sound engineer Róbert Juhász
  focus puller Sándor Domokos


Alma Kata Bartsch
  Péter Hefler Andy
  Margó Eszter Ónodi
  Fekete Zoltán Seress
  Lajos Heinz Trixner
  Luli Daniel Tugwell
  Hugi Vera Szabó
  Börtönőr Olivér Tóth
  Sára Lucza Johnson
  nyomozó Latham Alexis
  Géza Róbert Kardos
  Production company Europa Film


Everyone has a history,

And everyone carries it with them.

A few hours can be enough to change your life. On a gloomy autumn evening three everyday tragedies happen in an Eastern European metropolis. An overworked waitress’s son is suspected of having something to do with the disappearance of his classmate. The little boy tells his mother that his friend is locked up in the house of their gym teacher…

A depressed ambulance doctor recognizes his seriously injured patient as the man who murdered his child years before. The doctor faces a strong moral dilemma: should he save this man’s life, or should he take the opportunity for revenge? A veteran female skater is stalked by a mysterious old man who starts to blackmail her with a horrible crime she committed years ago…

Six ordinary people in crisis. How does the man of the street prove to be in extreme situations? And what connects their fates? Run To Ground is a multi-strand drama and a cutting edge thriller, taking us on a dark, risqué journey into the horror living next door.

Plot keywords

children, doctor, multiple storyline, revenge




237.000.000 HUF


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