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Achievements 1927-2002

01 April, 2006 - filmhu
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Those we are proud of. You can delight in the film and filmmaker’s table of honours listing prize-winning works from the fledgling days to the present (year, winner, title, prizes).
year name title award (nomination) prize imdb
1928 Adolph Zukor The Way of All Flash OSN best producer IMDb
1928 William Fox Seventh Heaven OSN best producer IMDb
1928 Lajos Bíró The Last Command OSN best screenwriter IMDb
1931 Adolph Zukor Skippy OSN best producer IMDb
1932 Adolph Zukor One Hour with You OSN best producer IMDb
1933 William S. Darling Cavalcade OSN art director IMDb
1933 Leslie Howard Berkeley Square OSN best actor IMDb
1933 George Cukor Little Women OSN best director IMDb
1933 Adolph Zukor A Farewell to Arms OSN best producer IMDb
1934 Alexander Korda The Private Life of Don Juan VEN best first screenplay IMDb
1936 Joe Pasternak Three Smart Girls OSN best producer IMDb
1937 Geza Herczeg The Life of Emile Zola OSC best screenwriter IMDb
1937 Zoltán Korda Elephant Boy VEN best director IMDb
1937 Joe Pasternak One Hundred Men and a Girl OSN best producer IMDb
1937 William S. Darling Wee Willie Winkie OSN art director IMDb
1938 Michael Curtiz Angels with Dirty Faces OSN best director IMDb
1938 Michael Curtiz Four Daughters OSN best director IMDb
1938 Leslie Howard Pygmalion OSN best actor IMDb
1938 Zoltán Korda The Drum VEN special award IMDb
1939 Michael Curtiz Sons of Liberty OSC short two-reel IMDb
1939 Melchior Lengyel Ninotchka OSN best screenwriter IMDb
1940 John S. Toldy Arise, My Love OSC best screenwriter IMDb
1940 Vincent Korda The Thief of Bagdad OSC art director IMDb
1940 Miklos Rozsa The Thief of Bagdad OSN best composer IMDb
1940 George Cukor The Philadelphia Story OSN best director IMDb
1940 Rudolph Mate Foreign Correspondent OSN best cinematographer IMDb
1941 Rudolph Mate The Hamilton Woman OSN best cinematographer IMDb
1941 Vincent Korda The Hamilton Woman OSN art director IMDb
1941 Miklos Rozsa Lydia OSN best composer IMDb
1941 Miklos Rozsa Sundown OSN best composer IMDb
1942 Emeric Pressburger The Invaders OSC best screenwriter IMDb
1942 Emeric Pressburger One of Our Aircrafts is Missing OSN best screenwriter IMDb
1942 Michael Curtiz Yankee Doodle Dandy OSN best director IMDb
1942 Vincent Korda Jungle Book OSN art director IMDb
1943 Michael Curtiz Casablanca OSC best director IMDb
1943 Paul Lukas Watch on the Rhine OSC best actor IMDb
1943 George Pal Puppetoons (Animation) OSC special award IMDb
1943 William S. Darling The Song of Bernadette OSC art director IMDb
1943 George Pal The Five Hundred Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins OSN short animation IMDb
1944 Miklos Rozsa Double Idemnity OSN best composer IMDb
1944 Karl Hajos Summer Storm OSN best composer IMDb
1944 Leo Erdődy Minstrel Man OSN best composer IMDb
1944 Joseph Kish Address Unknown OSN art director IMDb
1944 George Pal And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street OSN short animation IMDb
1945 Miklos Rozsa Spellbound OSC best composer IMDb
1945 Miklos Rozsa The Lost Weekend OSN best composer IMDb
1945 Miklos Rozsa A Song to Remember OSN best composer IMDb
1945 Karl Hajos The Man Who Walked Alone OSN best composer IMDb
1945 Joe Pasternak Anchors Aweigh OSN best producer IMDb
1945 László Görög The Affairs of Susan OSN best screenwriter IMDb
1945 William S. Darling The Keys of the Kingdom OSN art director IMDb
1945 George Pal Jasper and the Beanstalk OSN short animation IMDb
1946 William S. Darling Anna and the King of Siam OSC art director IMDb
1946 Miklos Rozsa The Killers OSN best composer IMDb
1946 George Pal John Henry and the Inky Poo OSN short animation IMDb
1947 Miklos Rozsa A Double Life OSC best composer IMDb
1947 George Cukor A Double Life OSN best director IMDb
1947 George Pal Tubby the Tuba OSN short animation IMDb
1948 Adolph Zukor OSC special award IMDb
1948 Emeric Pressburger The Red Shoes OSN best producer IMDb
1948 Frank Partos The Snake Pit OSN best screenwriter IMDb
1948 Joseph Kish Joan of Arc OSN art director IMDb
1948 Géza Radványi Somewhere in Europe LOC 2nd prize IMDb
1949 Robert Pirosh Battleground OSC best screenwriter IMDb
1949 Félix Máriássy Szabóné KVY best screenplay IMDb
1950 George Pal Destination Moon OSC special effects IMDb
1950 George Cukor Born Yesterday OSN best director IMDb
1950 Andre de Toth The Gunfighter OSN art director IMDb
1950 Nicholas Brodszky Toast of New Orleans OSN best musical score IMDb

OSC - Oscar; OSN - Oscar Nomanation; STO - Student Oscar; CAN - Cannes; VEN - Venice; BER - Berlin; BAA - British AcademyAward; CHG - Chicago; SSN - San Sebastian; KVY - Karlovy Vary; MOW - Moscow; FEL - Felix; FEN - Felix Nomination; LOC - Locarno; GGN - Golden Globe Nomination; MTR - Montreal

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