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2011. november 14. hétfő, 15:26 1. | Minovics
"Alliance for Global Justice has accepted grants from Soros’s charity, the Open Society Institute ($100,000 since 2004) and from the radical Tides Foundation ($60,000 since 2004) which allows high-profile donors to give secretly to radical causes.

A hotbed of anti-American activity, the Alliance takes money from the most extreme left-wing philanthropies operating in America today. The Alliance has accepted grants from the (pro-Fidel Castro) Arca Foundation ($185,000 since 2001), General Service Foundation ($165,000 since 2001), and Foundation for Deep Ecology ($30,000 since 2000), a group of environmental fundamentalists who regard human beings as the number one threat to planet earth. (...)

Founded in 1998, the Alliance has a long history of anti-American activism. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the Alliance and its president Katherine Hoyt are longtime supporters of the Sandinista (Communist) movement in Nicaragua and the Zapatistas, a Marxist-Leninist guerrilla movement in Mexico.

The Alliance also provides funds for the antiwar group World Can’t Wait (a spinoff of the Revolutionary Communist Party), and Courage to Resist, which encourages U.S. soldiers to desert and supports accused traitor Bradley Manning of WikiLeaks infamy.  The Alliance has funded anti-Israel groups including Israeli Anarchists Against the War and Bil’in Center for Joint Struggle.

Soros money provided to the Tides network of philanthropies may also have found its way to Occupy Wall Street.

According to philanthropy databases, the Open Society Institute has given $24.6 million to the Tides network of philanthropies since 1999. Of that total, $18.2 million went to the Tides Foundation and the remaining $6.4 million went to the Tides Center which, like the Alliance for Global Justice, serves as a fiscal sponsor for small or new activist groups.

It is possible that Soros secretly gave money to Occupy Wall Street through Tides. Since 2001 the Tides Foundation has given almost $310,000 to Adbusters, the anti-corporate magazine based in Canada. It is possible that money came from Soros. The Adbusters Media Foundation organized the “US Day of Rage” on Sept. 17 that kicked off the protest that has come to be known as Occupy Wall Street."


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