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Palace of dreams (Az álmok kastélya)

documentary 52 min, video
Color Hungary


director Tony Sutcliffe
  screenwriter Tony Sutcliffe
  director of photography Nyika Jancsó
  editor Éva Palotai
more crew további stábtagok


Haydn Attila Kaszás
  Luigia Polzelli Kitty Kéri
  Miklós herceg Péter Rudolf
  Production company Új Budapest Filmstúdió Kft.


The documentary is about the past, present and future of the last great palace to be built in Hungary by a noble family, which attracted the cream of European social and cultural society, eager to admire the ‘Hungarian Versailles’. In its heyday over 70 operas per year were performed here and Haydn was the court Kapellmeister and lived here for 25 years. Yet, within two centuries, the palace was nearly destroyed by war and neglect. Our documentary reveals a plan to save Esterhaza and restore it not to its former glory, but to one of the most important musical centers of the new Europe.

Plot keywords

classic music, Esterházy, Haydn
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