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Throbbing Stones (Dobogó kövek)

feature 102 min, RED
adventure , comedy Color Hungary
language: hungarian


director Csaba Martin
  co-director Péter Tokay
  writer Csaba Martin
  producer Csaba Martin
  editor Csaba Martin
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Patrik Csaba Martin
  Félix Attila Vajk Molnár
  Fanni Kála Czupi
  Ricsi Csaba Pindroch
  Géza Tamás Tánczos
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  Release date Thursday, 28 October 2010


Patrik and Felix, the heads of a 5-member gang in Debrecen are childhood friends.  Felix works as a tester for a software developing company, while Patrik is taking almost any kind of odd jobs for a living. Their peaceful but rather hard lives suddenly change for the the worse though. Felix, who’s troubling with money, gets fired from work and Patrik inherits a valueless plot of land along with a big debt from his grandfather.
Our two heroes and their little team: the chip’n’dale dancer, the hacker and Patrik’s girlfriend unite to get money as soon and easy as possible. Their plan is to steal a uniqe and expensive software from Felix’s ex-workplace but the action just won’t go the way they imagined. Ricsi, Patrik’s sly cousin stirs up the things, too. He gets to know that the highly precious „throbbing stones” from the ancient Hungarian legend might be buried in his relative’s newly inherited land.


Ha szeretnéd, hogy Te, a Céged vagy a Filmed megjelenjen a HMDb adatbázisában ill. a Film in Hungary-n, úgy lépj kapcsolatba velünk: Ha hibát vagy szerzői jogokat sértő tartalmat találtál, írj nekünk!