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Károlyi-Csekonics Palace

Károlyi-Csekonics palace located in the heart of Budapest, the Palace District. In its south wing (from Reviczky street) in 2003 a modern student centre was built for university students, it is called Kempelen Farkas Student Information Centre (HIK). The event site takes place in the north wing (from Múzeum street) that regained its original appearance after a renovation tightly considering cultural relics protection. The original layout of the Palace still remains as the richly carved, fancy wood stairs and decoration elements designed by Endre Thék. The Palace presently functions as an event site.

address: 1082 Budapest, Múzeum u. 13
Location type: Outside, Inside
Category: palace
style: neobarokk
Condition: renovated
Ownership: state
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