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RC Management Kft.


Service types

Film finance


RC Management is a trusted financial advisor of and acts as an intermediary between the Hungarian film and performing arts industry and the large and profitable businesses. In this way, RC Management can help major companies to minimise their investment risks and to receive tax benefit. At the same time it can help the film and performing arts industry in finding reliable investors and funding for film projects and performing arts organizations.

Our services:
-Searching for potential supporters of films and performing arts organizations
-Coordination of the cash flows between supporter and supported
-Assistance in preparation of Supporting Certificates
-Comprehensive tax, financial and legal consulting
-Calculating of the appropriate amount of support and the realizable yield
-Cooperation and discussion with authorities
-Organising the early financing of the film or performing arts productions, if requested
-Carry out all the administrative tasks
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H-1075 Madách Imre út 13-14. b
tel. +36-1-483-2070
fax +36-1-483-2071