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Copying Beethoven

játékfilm 104 perc, 35 mm
dráma , történelmi , zenés film színes amerikai, német


koproducer Váradi Gábor , Miskolczi Péter
további stábtagok további stábtagok
  Gyártó Eurofilm Stúdió
  Könyvelés Abacus-Consult Kft.
  Film finanszírozás Concorde Film Alap
  jármű bérlés Filmbusz Kft.


Copying Beethoven is a period drama about the last year of Beethoven(Ed Harris)'s life. The opening scene shows a dying Ludwig van Beethoven. Anna Holz (Diane Kruger) is witness to that moment. Immediately the emotional intensity of their relationship becomes clear. The story takes us back to the moment Wenzel Schlemmer (Ralph Riach), Beethoven's publisher, is desparate for a good copyist to help Beethoven complete the score in time for the first performance of his Ninth Symphony. Anna Holz (a fictional character, probably named after a good friend of Beethoven at the end of his life: Karl Holz), being the best copyist available is introduced to Beethoven. And although he is shocked at first expecting a male copyist they start working very well together and Anna helps Beethoven to conduct the impressive premiere of his last symphony. Meanwhile Martin Bauer (Matthew Goode), the love interest of Anna, is working on the design of a new bridge. Martin works with his brain. Beethoven is devoted to the human heart and soul. Anna is caught in between. When Beethoven helps Martin to 'improve the design of his bridge' by smashing the maquette in pieces and comments very rude to one of Anna's own compositions she leaves him. He begs her to come back appologising to her. She gives in recognizing that art and love cannot be controlled by ratio. They keep working together on Beethoven's as well as on Anna's compositons until his death. As a subplot we see Beethoven struggling with his nephew, Karl van Beethoven (Joe Anderson). Karl avoids contact with his uncle because he cannot live up to Ludwig's hope for a worthy successor. But he also avoids Beethoven because he steals money to pay off his gambling depts. (via

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