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Permanent Injuries

documentary 52 min, HD
Color Hungary
language: Hungarian


director István Nemes
  producer György Durst
  director of photography Gergő Somogyvári
  editor Mari Miklós
  music László Dés
  sound postproduction Csaba Major
more crew további stábtagok


Attila Takács
  Tamás Sivák
  Blanka Mészáros
  Ágnes Bucsi
  Production company Duna Műhely , Campfilm Productions


In Hungary, with the middle class getting thinner and thinner, more and more people are finding themselves on the brink of poverty. Of course, not only those in their forties and fifties are in danger, but a worryingly large number of entrants as well. The fear of falling below the poverty line is also poisoning the life of those who are lucky to get away without any hardship. Success likes to show its face, failure keeps out of sight. These fears are only touched upon among family members or close friends. Because things we do not talk about might not even exist – however, this problem, as simple and boringly familiar as it might be, is still there, all around us, and it is actually putting our very lives in danger.
The four “average” “middle-aged” characters of our documentary are facing typical situations: divorce, unemployment, debt / loss of their homes, homelessness. We do not undertake to make an investigative exploration; we only aim to present these dangerous situations.

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