sex hikaye

Step Test (Lépcsős próba)

short 28 min, 16 mm
short film Color Hungary
language: Hungarian


director Zsófia Szilágy
  producer Sára László , Miklós Bosnyák , Marcell Gerő
  director of photography Márton Vizkelety
  editor Henrietta Sós
  music Gábor Reisz
  sound postproduction Róbert Juhász
more crew további stábtagok


Dávid Dávid Schmal
  Apa Szabolcs Thúróczy
  Anna Anna Dresch
  Anna édesanyja Anna Szandtner
  Co-production services Campfilm Productions , Színház- És Filmművészeti Egyetem , Sparks Kft.


Dávid and his father go shopping every single afternoon. Always the same scenario: his father goes back from the door to see if he had left everything in order, same words are exchanged, and every time they end up buying different things from what they had agreed upon. Dávid decides never to go shopping with his father again....
This sensitive story tells the way a relationship is built upon rituals of small, everyday gestures, and how desperately determined we can be to try and change these rituals. Changing them is almost impossible, but there is nothing scarier than to think they might actually happen one day...

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