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Gingerclown (Gingerclown)

feature 84 min,
comedy , horror Color Hungary
language: english


director Balázs Hatvani
  screenwriter Balázs Hatvani
  producer Levente Kiss , Balázs Hatvani , Krisztián Lippert
  director of photography Péter Gráf
  music Róbert Gulya
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Gingerclown Curry Tim
  Sam Ashley Luke Lloyd
  Jenny Erin Hayes
  Biff Michael Cannell-Griffiths
  Worm Creature Brad Dourif
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1983: A group of high school students are having a great weekend in the Hollywood Hills when they bump into a loser from their school, Sam, who’s just on his way home.

Sam is in love and would do anything in order to get the girl of his dreams, Jenny’s, attention. Unfortunately for him she’s also the girlfriend of the school’s bully, Biff, the quarterback of the football team.

Biff and his buddies are keen to take Sam to the old abandoned amusement park to make him prove his courage as part of their initiation ceremony into their group. They involve Jenny in their cruel game as the grand prize of the competition. Sam accepts the challenge, but Jenny wouldn’t let him go in by himself so she follows him into the amusement park, thereby embarking on a night neither of them will ever forget.

The old park holds a secret. Hidden in the darkness are frightening and somewhat eccentric monsters, who love to torture innocent human beings while intensively annoying each other.

Ha szeretnéd, hogy Te, a Céged vagy a Filmed megjelenjen a HMDb adatbázisában ill. a Film in Hungary-n, úgy lépj kapcsolatba velünk: Ha hibát vagy szerzői jogokat sértő tartalmat találtál, írj nekünk!