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Production: the picture of the Womb is being born

15 September, 2009 - filmhu

As the producer András Muhi, Inforg Stúdió ( has annonced, at the 20th of August the final cut of Womb, highly expected new project of Golden Leopard winner Benedek Fliegauf will be done. After the shooting in Germany (Berlin and Sylt island, North Sea) the editing is going well, then Fliegauf is turning to be the sound designer of the film as it has happened at any movie of him.

The Womb is a non-traditional love story about Rebecca (Eva Green) who clones his boyfriend Thomas (Matt Smith) after he died in an accident. The film is made in cooperation of Hungarian Inforg Stúdió and the German Razor Film Production Gmbh (, the budget is euró 3.6 million. The Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation (MMKA, has supported the projekt from 2006 till 2009 altogether HUF 167 million (about EUR 619 000). The international premiere of the film is going to be in the beginning of 2010. The international distributor is the Match Factory (


Trailer is available:

Director, Screenplay writer, sound designer Benedek Fliegauf

Cinematographer: Peter Szatmári

Editor: Patricia Rommel, Xavier Box



Eva Green

Matt Smith

Leslie Manville,

Peter Wight,

István Lénárt,

Hannay Murrey,

Ruby O. Fee



Gerhard Meixner, Roman Paul,

Co-producer: Cedomir Colar